No Moore’s Law for Batteries, But…

Have you heard of the Bloom Box? How about the Oorja fuel cell? While so-called green technologies such as solar, wind, and wave power are still noisy, expensive, and inefficient compared to even the worst fossil fuels, simplified energy conversion systems that squeeze out cheap energy with amazing efficiency are starting to pop up, and the idea that a fuel-celled electric car is sounding less like hype and sooner than later.

Imagine a 5-kilowatt cell that takes up half the space of the battery packs in a Toyota Prius. Instead of a plug-in vehicle, you’d have one similar to your gas-powered grill. Pull into a station, disconnect your spent cell, buy a new one (and get your deposit for the old container applied), hook it up and off you go for another 1000 miles or more. Not too shabby, and no need to worry about forgetting to plug in your car before going to bed.