Divided States of America

No matter who wins when the final count is presented, a number of things have become very clear.

There are too many folks who prefer a deadly pandemic over affordable health care.

There are too many folks who accept a nepotistic dictatorship over democracy.

Too many folks are okay with persecuting immigrants in a country made up of them.

Too many folks signed off on giving a failed businessman four more years to soak the taxpayers electing him for millions more of their dollars to cover debt transferred to his personal properties as profit, all while still dodging thousands of waiting lawsuits and paying nothing in taxes himself.

It couldn’t all be voter suppression, voter intimidation, conspiracy theories, or a lack of participation. Too many folks chose to cast their vote for someone who helps no one but himself and the richest Americans.

Either Kool-Aid truly has a “snake oil” flavor — just add quiet desperation — or everything’s fine as long as “our guy” hates who we hate.


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