Realistic Edible Fake Blood: My Tweaked Recipe

You can buy fake blood, but it usually isn’t edible. For a character cosplay I’ve been working on for conventions, I wanted a sophisticated, dapper, vampire-about-town…walking about with a wine glass filled with his preferred drink of choice. To look good up close, you need something dark red but not fake looking, thick and sticky … More Realistic Edible Fake Blood: My Tweaked Recipe

Grounds for a Beef?

According to, “an Alabama law firm is presenting a class action lawsuit for false advertising, claiming that what Taco Bell claims is ‘beef’ in their commercials is just [a] processed clustermass of disgust.” Here’s the actual ingredient list on the side of the shipping containers labeled “Taco Meat Filling.” Beef, water, isolated oat product, … More Grounds for a Beef?