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MatriarchLogo300x75The Matriarch – I had this story idea back in college about a pair of century-old rival vampires tied to a local ghost story set in and around my old stomping grounds: Glenville State College in West “By God” Virginia. Thanks to NaNoWriMo in November 2012, I wrote a completely new treatment of the story from the ground up that only used the elements of the original idea. It was published by WTF Books in April 2013. A sequel is now out, and two more books are planned.

TSC-banner-300xThe Spooky Chronicles – This is my adult and young adult paranormal mystery horror series about a dead little boy continuing to grow up. I have a lot of these planned because I’ve become infatuated with the main character and concept. So much of my life to date keeps cropping up in the adventures of “Spooky” Spencer that the books are writing themselves. – I’ve been reviewing films since 1998, but it wasn’t until a year later that I created and purchased the domain name for my film review website. After expanding my critiques from capsule size to full-length reviews, I was invited to join the Online Film Critics society ( a few years afterward and have been with them ever since. My reviews also appear on

KindlingMoonLogo2012Jan300x75Kindling Moon (WIP) – Since the bulk of my early story ideas seem to center around this fantasy concept, I always thought that this would be my first real publication. For many reasons, the stories didn’t take shape before a zombie boy drew my most of my fictional attention. Fortunately, what I’ve learned writing Spooky has helped me distill the elements I want to use.

DemynshaHeaderTitle2012Feb300x75Demynsha (WIP) – I got into tabletop RPG games when I was in college and found that running (or GMing) these roleplaying sessions suited me and fit my skill set. I’ve created several campaign settings (I’ve raided pre-packaged settings for content but always mined them for ideas) but decided it was time to combine the best of my concepts into the most versatile and entertaining setting I could make.


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