“The Decapitator,” an Original Vampire Hunting Weapon

For the second book in my vampire novel series, The Matriarch: Guardians, I began to invent items unique to my vampire-infested world. One of them was a modular fauchard – affectionately dubbed “the Decapitator” – designed to hunt neophyte vampires too new to their undead world to fully understand their abilities. Yes, that’s real…and currently being built as a show-piece prop; it’s what all the cool vampire hunters are carrying most nights.



How HBO’s “True Blood” Should Have Ended

BillSookieFor seven seasons, the HBO series “True Blood” – based on the Charlaine Harris Sookie Stackhouse books – deviated almost unrecognizably away from the source material. Every character not killed off managed to pair up with someone, but similar to the final Harris novel that reportedly left fans unsatisfied, HBO botched a chance to one-up the author on the final outcome of Sookie and Bill.

Here’s three suggested treatments for a better ending; this is just off the top of my head, but I prefer number three.


  1. Sookie and Bill die together in the graveyard: Unable to watch Bill’s suffering, Sookie offers herself to feed him before he dies, a willingly sacrificing to provide one last comfort before he pops; it ends with friends and family attending Sookie’s funeral revealing a headstone next to Bill’s family.
  2. Sookie begs Bill to make her into a vampire: Finally admitting to herself she would stay with him forever, Bill finally accepts Sarah’s cure before turning Sookie and burying themselves together. Sookie’s blood enables them both to survive the daylight and join in the Thanksgiving celebration: the premiere vampire couple of Bon Temps.
  3. Sookie makes Bill human again with a little help from Grampa: After hearing Bill’s thoughts, she suspects the faerie-mixed Hep-V cocktail she infected him with is turning him mortal but not fast enough to prevent his true death as a vampire. Sacrificing the last of her power and hoping it’s enough, faerie grandfather Niall secretly lends a hand to restore Bill to life. With Sookie no longer a faerie and Bill no longer a vampire, they live happily as mortals raising the family they always wanted and growing old together.

Pick one…they’re all better than what crawled out of the writer’s room.


Guest Appearance: #SpookyEmpire Ultimate Halloween Weekend!

SpookyAuthorImageOctober 24-26, 2014: Literary guest (confirmed) at Spooky Empire Ultimate Horror Weekend in Orlando, Florida.

We’re also putting together what may be the BIGGEST Ultimate Occult Showdown we’ve ever done; just waiting on word for day and time. Fingers crossed for the BIG room!

See highlights from my past guest gigs on the Appearance Page.


Ultimate Occult Showdown 2014 Highlights!

As promised: highlights from the 2014 Ultimate Occult Showdown shot at Ancient City Con. If you don’t yet know what we do, this is a good example.

A game show with no prizes and audience participation is mandatory! Vote up your favorites in a contest of characters, movies, and TV programs but be ready to tell us why. Rules are made up as we go along by your opinionated a**hole hosts Kevin A. Ranson and Brett J. Link. Presented by MovieCrypt.com and Grim D. Reaper!