“Parish Knoll,” A Tone Poem for a Special Project

“Parish Knoll”

There once was a hill where an eldritch church slept
‘Twas surrounded by many a soul
Not only the bodies interred has it kept
The cemetery of Parish Knoll

Never could the township find fault in its grace
Its myst’ry to keep they implore
Ever would the townsfolk therein know their place
While still making room for one more

Copyright © 2014 Kevin A. Ranson


So Good, It’s Spooky!

Exit35“Spooky” Spencer Lawson’s birthday is September 13th, so happy birthday, kid!

The Spooky Chronicles was my first foray into writing for profit – because film critique pays nothing in the way of actual coin. I’ve written five books thus far, and the series in general has been fun to write and fun for fans to read…and yet, many don’t know that the author of The Matriarch series (that’s also me) has these other books out.

For those neither happy with zombie kids or Appalachian vampires, dark fantasy is coming your way soon…!

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“The Decapitator” from The Matriarch: Guardians is complete! #VWSG

This is what happens when you give a couple of Texans a description for a new kind of vampire hunter weapon: they build one, and the case it comes in.


The modular fauchard, aka “the decapitator.” Designed for ghouls to subdue and/or destroy neophyte vampires. Not recommended against elder immortals with a true understanding of their power. This weapon is featured in The Matriarch: Guardians.

Special thanks to Dragon’s Fire Forge who hand-forged the blades, created the connecting polearm and stake tips (mmm…steak tips). Box, “Osage Orange” stakes, and leatherwork by Tobin’s Turnings. These folks really outdid themselves, didn’t they? Here’s the original text this was taken from along with a hasty sketch I cobbled together:
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Writing a Novel: Like Building a House

BookhouseWriting a novel is like building house (I’ve done both).

It’s always nice to finish the foundation and get the framing up, just to see everything taking shape and your plan coming together. Of course, you still have the plumbing, wiring, HVAC, walls, shingles, appliances, flooring, carpeting, and everything else to do before it’s actually finished. Yay!

Afterwards you have to put the house on the market, put ads in the paper, start shopping it around…