“The Dark…

…Is Where Everything Begins.”

A Knife In the Dark

A man awakens in a hospital bed with no memory of how he came to be there. Every face is new — including his own — but he is consumed with knowledge of a bygone era and a sense of being displaced. Intrigued by the marvels of a modern age, he seeks his place and status in a new world… beginning with a renewed sense of self.

A Knife In the Dark is a thought experiment written in the form of a serialized novel only available (for the moment) at ThinkingSkull.com, but you never know how far one can go until they venture past their previous destination.

The Matriarch Vampires

A volunteer for seniors, Janiss Connelly becomes a pawn in the secret war between two centuries-old vampires outside of a central West Virginia college town, with the residents of a modern rest home at stake.

The Matriarch Vampires is a novel series set in the beautiful mountains of central West Virginia, just outside of Glenville State University in picturesque Gilmer County. The local ghost story of Sis Linn’s unsolved murder from a hundred years earlier takes on new life framed through a supernatural lens, with Castle Dracula reimagined as a hilltop retirement community where no one ever seems to die.

The Spooky Chronicles

Meet Spooky, a dead boy still growing up. He goes to school, enjoys taking pictures in cemeteries, and doesn’t breathe. Starting the zombie apocalypse is his greatest fear, but it’s not his biggest problem.

The Spooky Chronicles is a paranormal mystery horror series about a child who comes back to life as a zombie but is still getting older. His unique condition makes him aware of (and draws him into) a supernatural world he never asked to be a part of (but still thinks is pretty cool).

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Recent Writings

A Knife In the Dark – 8

“Touched In the Head” “You’re serious?” I asked. “As a coronary,” Eren answered. The disheveled young man wearing a black apron over a red shirt behind the burger counter looked utterly bored. “May I take your order?” I couldn’t believe I was doing this. “One French fry, please.” I tried sounding enthusiastic. “Small, medium, or…

A Knife In the Dark – 7

“Bright Lights, Scamp City” The Bay Square Drive sign over the road had seen better days, looking like it was melting off of the metal. It appeared Texas was as warm as I was led to believe. Amos dropped me off at a large entrance, with doors that opened themselves for consumers. I’d seen as…

A Knife In the Dark – 6

“Letting Sleeping Beasts Lie” It had taken over two weeks to gain the strength, but at last I could walk — albeit slowly — without the accursed walker. Among the things stored in one of the back rooms was a crook-end cane, and I was happy to learn I could get along with it and…

Who In the Hell Do I Think I Am?

Who brandishes the silver-skulled cane and wears the mad hatter top hat…?

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