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The Matriarch Vampires

Nearly 100 years has passed since Sis Linn’s unsolved murder. The school’s name has changed, and the story of her death and tales of her apparition have become fodder for frightening incoming freshmen. But a century is merely a moment for a spirit… and less than a blink of an eye for even more sinister entities that endure beyond the grave. Student Janiss Connelly will learn that not only are some ghost stories true, but that there are greater things to fear in life — and in death.


The Spooky Chronicles

“Spooky” Spencer Lawson is a child who comes back to life as a zombie but is still getting older. Having already overcome personal tragedy in his life, his unique condition makes him aware of (and draws him into) a secret, paranormal underworld he never asked to be a part of (but still thinks is pretty cool).

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  • BooksThe Spooky Chronicles (ongoing series), The Matriarch Vampires (ongoing series)
  • Contributor –,,,
  • Anthologies66 Tales of Terror: “The Gates of St. Augustine”, The Horror Society Anthology 2013: “Tendrils Never Lie,” Goin’ Extinct Too: “Eternal Lie”
  • RolePlayingThe Fantasy Roleplaying Gamer’s Bible 2nd Edition, “Shards of the Stone CORE” RPG, Kindling Moon “Rulebook & Realmbook”
  • Member – Online Film Critics Society, Houston Film Critics Society, Rotten Tomatoes (Tomatometer-Approved Critic)

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