A Question for President Obama…

… what do you think of Apple’s new iPad?

Update: After reading up on what this iPad does, it’s getting harder to laugh at the name. For example, if you bought yourself a Kindle, eBook reader, or any netbook for Christmas, go ahead and kick yourself now (or see if you can get your money back with the receipt.) Seriously, if you could have everything in an iPod Touch the size of a netbook screen without the keyboard and a 10 hour device time, why wouldn’t you?

iPhone 3GS: Battery or Software Problem?

While Apple has yet to deny or confirm, a few owners of the new iPhone 3GS have complained about the device heating up, even to the point of warping the plastic and discoloring the white-backed phones. There have been problems with batteries in Apple devices before (Sony-made batteries, to be specific).

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