MovieCrypt Now Updated Weekends!

With so many other writing and creative projects going on, I’m setting aside time specifically on weekends for one or more updates for MovieCrypt to avoid it falling into neglect. My goal is at least one review, one Reaper Rants video, and one additional post of some type.

Sadly, neither myself nor Grim will be making it to many more of our favorite conventions this year, but next year will permit more time for that kind of thing.


BlueEyedLichhead2011May Relaunch – Recent Movie Reviews, Reaper Rants

I got a bit tired of single-handedly doing all the website maintenance (especially when it came to my old host’s limited databases and bandwidth) and it was slowing down my ability to post new content as quickly as I wanted to. So, I instead went with a proven winner: My most recent site builds were already using their open source software anyway, so it was a simple matter to export everything over to them (their integrated socially networked comments and sharing tools don’t suck, either). Enjoy!

A horror lover’s reviews of all genres of movies. Hosted by Grim D. Reaper. Click the banner below.

Read “Crypt of the Crystal Lich” Inside “Savage Insider!”

Savage Insider asked me to write them a four-part serial, so I did! Savage Insider is an all-around eZine with adventure seeds in multiple genres and highlights of licensee companies. The price is free, and it will be available in PDF download form via DriveThruRPG. Check out “Crypt of the Crystal Lich, Part 1: Birds of a Feather” inside!