Show Us Your Writing Space!

Workstation2014FebSmallWhere we write can influence what and how well we write. Do you have a special place set up or just go anywhere and begin?

I admit I can write wherever, but I’m most comfortable at my custom-created dual-monitor workstation with twin goose-neck lamps and dual cupholders (yes, cupholders). Decor includes scythes over the windows, reaper statuettes down the wall in the corner, and an evil-!#$%ing closet (obviously). My trusty actual-wood chair keeps me attentive and on task.

Show us your writing space or desk!

What does your “writing space” look like?

Workstation2013MarAuthors! What does your writing space look like? Tall desk or wide? Is it secluded? Accessible? Do you keep things around to give you idea or remind you to work?

Here’s mine; it sets a mood. Yeah, I’m kinda hyper-organized about my work area. My desk also has TWO cup holders; made ’em myself. And that door to the right? That’s an evil effing closet.

What does your writing space look like?