New Key Art for The Matriarch: “Janiss in the Graveyard”

In an effort to continue supporting The Matriarch and get the word out, I have begun processing a series of new images which will eventually become the foundation for a new book trailer.

Janiss in the Graveyard

For those of you who’ve read it, is this how you imagined Janiss?
For those of you who have not, is it a compelling image?

More to come!


The Matriarch – Now in Kindle and Paperback!

Supernatural horror thriller, mature content.
A present-day college student becomes the target of an immortal, a killer linked to a century-old ghost story.
279 print pages. Published April 2013. ISBN: 9780615803449
Availability: Kindle – $3.99 and Paperback – $12.95

Vampires don’t believe in ghosts.

Every October, the freshmen at Glenville State College are told stories about Sis Linn, the local ghost who haunts Clark Hall and the graveyard where she’s buried. Murdered in 1919, she was beaten beyond recognition, the target of a brutal killer who was never caught.

Present-day student Janiss Connelly is about to find out that the stories are wrong – and that there are greater things to fear in life and in death than ghosts.

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Don’t Move Trick or Treating for Halloween This Year

According to the WOKV Facebook page, “an idea being floated by Jacksonville City Councilman Don Redman” is moving the local trick or treating to Saturday in the Jacksonville, Florida area.

Whatever the reasons given, the biggest reason NOT to is pure confusion; half the kids wouldn’t get the message and may try to trick or treat on either night. The advantage of Halloween on Sunday this year is that adult parties and kid special events ARE on Saturday, freeing Halloween Sunday just for treating and home celebrations.

It’s no secret that I enjoy setting up a cool little graveyard with special effects and such, and I have time set aside on Sunday afternoon to set it up. I have no desire to do it twice, nor can I leave it set up over night for fear of idiots destroying or stealing parts of it. And, yes, I’ll have pictures up here very soon.