The Solution: Kindred Health Care

I just had an incredible idea: a solution to the health care crisis.

People who believe in a “universal health care option,” where every citizen must pay to support everyone who needs it (even for services you personally may never need), often cite that it’s morally the right thing to do. The question is simply gathering up enough money to pay for it from everyone.

So I propose a “kindred health care plan” instead. If a person or family cannot afford their health care, the government will determine who the next nearest relative is to that person or family and, if they can afford it, the government will order that family to pay for their relative’s health care services.

Simple and effective, right? C’mon, they’re family! Your own kin? Shouldn’t providing for your own blood be morally the right thing to do? And it doesn’t cost the government or anyone else a thing… unless they put you in jail for being so stingy, ya uncaring deadbeat!

“Kindred Health Care: It’s All Relative.”