MovieCrypt Now Updated Weekends!

With so many other writing and creative projects going on, I’m setting aside time specifically on weekends for one or more updates for MovieCrypt to avoid it falling into neglect. My goal is at least one review, one Reaper Rants video, and one additional post of some type.

Sadly, neither myself nor Grim will be making it to many more of our favorite conventions this year, but next year will permit more time for that kind of thing.



The Reaper Rants Return!

Back a few years ago, I changed over the “horror host” for my movie review website,, from the static “Crystal Lich” (a disembodied crystal skull with an attitude) to “Grim D. Reaper” (a gleeful Angel of Death that reviews movies when he’s not reaping souls). The response was wonderful, and even outside of his film critique venue, Grim’s popularity is obvious.

One of the big changes from the Lich to the Reaper was for making videos. These started out on the simplest of tools, Windows Movie Maker. I shot film, taught myself editing, learned how to improve the sound, and so forth. One thing that never made me happy was the limited space I had to create an actual lair for the character, something I’ve now fully realized at my home in Texas.

At-home tools for both capturing sound/video and editing it on a home computer have improved drastically, so I have put my new “Reaper Rants” video series into production and set up a YouTube channel for it. The micro-set was designed and lighted (thanks to my theater experience) to make it very easy to quickly shoot the baseline footage I need, and my custom-built editing suite (fortified with Sony Vegas editing software tools) enables me to assemble and polish videos on a whim.

Check out my YouTube channel and subscribe or follow to catch all of the Reaper’s latest videos. With Halloween coming up very soon, who knows what mischief the Angel of Death is going to get into.

Couldn’t Be Much Busier or Much Happier Right Now

A little over a year ago, I pulled up stakes from my Jacksonville, Florida residence and made my new home in Houston, Texas. I arrived on April Fool’s Day 2011, which seemed appropriate since I resigned my previous job on the hope (and sheer will) that I could find another one that was as close to or better than the one I had in Jax. I was setting out on a new adventure into a new land, but I was also scared to death taking so many chances at once.

Within two months, I had that new job (whew!) and I’ll have been at that job for an entire year right around May 25th. That was the same day that, after spending half a day either looking for work, filling out applications, or interviewing, I was spending the other half putting in place the elements to officially launch my writing career. Sure, I’ve been writing critiques for almost fifteen years now, but most of that was honing my written “voice” while learning to break down plots and characters that would fuel my own stories. “The Spooky Chronicles: The Crooked Man” went live on Smashwords that day.

Of course, the real reason for all the life changes was to move in with my girlfriend (who became my fiancée on Christmas Eve of 2011). That’s three fairly significant life changes all for one year’s time, and each one has been hard work but wonderful nonetheless. This year, I launched my third and fourth Spooky Chronicles book, am revamping my movie review website to take it up another notch, started bicycling again, worked my way up into a better paying position at my day job (right back up to about the same as the old job I left), and have been co-planning a wedding. We even found the perfect hotel for our honeymoon already.

Sigh. I don’t think I could be much busier or much happier right now.

Okay, back to work…!