So Good, It’s Spooky!

Exit35“Spooky” Spencer Lawson’s birthday is September 13th, so happy birthday, kid!

The Spooky Chronicles was my first foray into writing for profit – because film critique pays nothing in the way of actual coin. I’ve written five books thus far, and the series in general has been fun to write and fun for fans to read…and yet, many don’t know that the author of The Matriarch series (that’s also me) has these other books out.

For those neither happy with zombie kids or Appalachian vampires, dark fantasy is coming your way soon…!

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The Spooky Chronicles: Forget Me Nots
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Andres M. (Rating: 4 of 5 Stars) – I had my reservations… (an) undead kid who goes to school and stuff? I must confess that I was a little skeptical of how that could work. I was terribly mistaken. Yes, this story is about a young kid with an unique condition, his heart doesn’t beat, his blood doesn’t flow, and his lungs don’t breath; yep, he is an undead, but with a soul, conscience, and a spirit of adventure and investigation. We are taken to a Lovecraftian story, and we experience it from the view point of a very special kid, who is eager to “see” what’s beyond, the monsters, the horrors. All and all it was a very cool story.

The prequel to The Spooky Chronicles!
There’s something sinister about Chesterfield Mansion, and “Spooky” Spencer Lawson can’t wait to find out why. Locked inside on a stormy night, Spooky and his fellow fifth graders are tasked to find thirteen skeleton keys before the stroke of midnight, but their host and his trusted minions are secretly watching for one of those children… the one who won’t be missed.
eBook ISBN: 978-1-4762-6296-3

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4 Out of 5 Star Review for “Greene Square Middle!”

First review – 4/5 stars!

The Spooky Chronicles: Greene Square Middle

“Though there are moments of laugh-out-loud humor, this is a darker, more mature Spooky. Author Kevin A. Ranson captures the fears, drama, and intimidation of adolescent transitioning with clever aplomb.” ~ Dark Media

Book 4 in the series. It’s the start of a new school year (and a new school) for both “Spooky” Spencer and his buddy Donny as they begin the sixth grade. While Spooky’s suspicions of something supernatural pits him against a diabolical new adversary, trying to convince a crusading vice principal that he’s not a troublemaker may be his biggest challenge yet.

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Conservation of Mass: Shouldn’t Shifters Make More Sense?

HumanFlySeveral paranormal and supernatural series have “shifters” now, humans that can turn into other creatures, animals or otherwise. Unlike weres – werewolves, werecats and werecoyotes that can only shift into one form and often are affected by moon phases – shifters can take on multiple forms.

My question, however is this: conservation of mass. To make this example simple, the modern Avengers Hulk (“Son, you gotta condition”) doesn’t make sense whereas the old Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno tv “Hulk” did. Why? Because you can imagine something getting a little bigger, but where does the mass of something ten times larger come from? How is all that energy stored, and where does it go when it isn’t in use?

Both “True Blood” and the Twilight movies make use of shifters. In Twilight, the wolves appear four times larger than their human counterparts. In “True Blood,” Sam can shift into a fly! Where does 160 pounds (wringing wet) disappear to unless that’s going to be a HUGE fly? Just as incredible is Sam’s ability to find jeans that fit him perfectly every time he shifts back to human form no matter where he is, but I digress.

So, does it strain credibility when a character shifts shape into a creature too large or too small to be believable? Yes, its magic or mysticism or whatever, but does it help suspend disbelief when the shifting is done into something of approximately the same size and perhaps relative shape?

See what Spooky’s been up to lately!

Meet Spooky, a dead little boy continuing to grow up. He goes to school, likes taking pictures in cemeteries, and doesn’t breathe. Accidentally starting the zombie apocalypse is his biggest fear, but it’s not his biggest problem.

The Spooky Chronicles is a paranormal mystery horror book series about a child who comes back to life as a zombie but is still getting older. Having already overcome personal tragedy in his life, his unique condition makes him aware of (and draws him into) a secret, paranormal underworld he never asked to be a part of (but still thinks is pretty cool).


Come Out to the 2012 Ancient City Con, July 20-22!

Ancient City Con in Jacksonville, Florida is three days long this year, and I’m a guest! I’ll be on and/or running a few panels, have lots of Spooky Chronicles books for sale (and how you can get some for free), and Grim D. Reaper of will be making a few appearances throughout the weekend (don’t mention his face lift, though; he’s kind of sensitive about getting work done). Come say hello and get your picture taken with Death…!

Spooky eBook Series Trailer!

After months of planning, weeks of prep work, and a solid three days of editing, “The Spooky Chronicles” has an ebook trailer! “The Crooked Man” is now available now for $3.99 at for whatever eBook reader you have (Kindle, iBooks, Nook, Kobo, Sony, PDF) or even just on your computer.

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