The Spooky Chronicles: Year One

It was one year ago I launched The Spooky Chronicles with the The Crooked Man. I have released three more books since then, making it a real series. The next book, Greene Square Middle, has been the most difficult book I’ve had to write thus far but is coming together nicely.

To celebrate, I’m going to have a bit of a Memorial Day sale through Monday: through Smashwords, all three main books will be just 99 cents each while “book zero” will continue to be free (but maybe not for much longer). Be sure to use the correct coupon code (not case sensitive) on checkout to get your discount! Tell your friends!

The Crooked Man – Use $0.99 coupon code NA59M
The Terminal People – Use $0.99 coupon code UW75Y
Schoolhouse Number Five – Use $0.99 coupon code RD38H
Forget Me Nots – Still free (for now)

99 Cent eBook Sale Extended Till December 31st!

Got a shiny new Kindle or iPad for Christmas and wish you could still get a couple Spooky books for just 99 cents each to help fill it up? You talked me into it! I’ll keep the sale up for one last week. These links and codes are only good on Smashwords (all common ebook formats are available). This extended offer is only good through New Year’s, so here’s you last chance to get ’em cheap!

Click to get the first book, The Spooky Chronicles: The Crooked Man, for 99 cents in multiple ebook formats by using this code during check out: HQ39S

Moments after a child on his death bed passes away, he is visited by a mysterious “crooked man” who sends him back to the land of the living. Upon returning, the young boy realizes that his mother was taken in his place, but that’s only the beginning of the Crooked Man’s sinister plan.

Click to get the second book, The Spooky Chronicles: The Terminal People, for 99 cents in multiple ebook formats by using this code during check out: DE94L

Still growing up as a dead boy, “Spooky” Spencer Lawson is learning about the strange world he never asked to be a part of (which is a lot more interesting than math). When a mysterious stranger he meets in an alley appears to die after touching Spooky’s hand, Spooky begins to wonder how dangerous he really is, especially to the people he cares about.

$2.99 eBook Sale and Spooky Chronicles Updates

Effective immediately, all individual ebooks for the Spooky Chronicles are $2.99 apiece. This price change is already effective on Smashwords and will trickle down to Kindle, Sony Reader, Nook, and iBooks throughout the next few weeks. Did you know that ebooks make great holiday gifts? No need to thank me.

Click here to download books in the Spooky Chronicles to your favorite reader device!

Also, the “secret” Spooky Chronicles book, Forget Me Nots, is off to the editors for inclusion in the charity anthology “Maelstrom: Tales of Madness and Horror.” All proceeds go to help flood victims in the Northeast, so I’ll post details on how to get it here (and anywhere else I can) as soon as I have the final details.

In other news, I’m hard at work on the third book, “Schoolhouse Number Five.” I originally slated to have this done before the end of Spring 2012 (which means I should have all three books available for con season), but I might get in done sooner and even have a fourth book out by then.