Female Characters: Good for Television, Bad for Movies?

equalitynowThe casting for Star Wars VII is out, and besides everyone’s favorite former bikini-clad slave princess Carrie Fisher, there is only one new female character in anything resembling a major role… out of SEVEN. Throw in the original Boy’s Club cast of six and that’s two out THIRTEEN principles.

This shouldn’t be a big deal, right? There ARE women in Star Wars, just not many with relevant or speaking parts ON FILM. Oh, and the so-dubbed “expanded Star Wars universe” was declared null-and-void and not official movie canon, so apparently there ARE only two relevant women in the entire galaxy. Worse yet, those two are related and the younger one (SPOILER!) died after childbirth – because, you know, that’s what women do: have babies and die. Really?!

MovieVsTelevisionSay, isn’t this a J.J.Abrams production? What’s interesting is that his television programming (“Lost,” “Alias,” “Fringe”) have meaty roles for ladies and often many of them, but his film production credits (Star Trek, Cloverfield, Super 8, Mission Impossible) seems to only have room for a chosen few in an ensemble, often ONE. Playing devil’s advocate, maybe this is an informed choice: are relevant female characters too complex for most screenwriters to simply throw them up on-screen and present them believably in a film format?

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What If Anakin MADE Amidala Love Him?

… but George Lucas pulled the final punch?

StarWarsAnakinAmidalaThe anticipation for the Star Wars prequels was the stuff of legend: a built-in audience rabid with fandom and shaking fistfuls of dollars. The Clone Wars, a young Obi-Wan, and the fall of the man who became Darth Vader. If Luke and Leia were the destined offspring, procreation was a must and Anakin’s doom would have to be intricately linked to some poor woman and seal her fate.

So where did it go horribly wrong?
Maybe it didn’t. Maybe… it was simply never taken as far as intended.

Stay with me on this.
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New Creation: All-Cat Version of ‘Return of the Jedi’

Anyone who’s been following me online knows I like to work on various projects, but with the popularity of both Star Wars spoofs and LOL Cats, I realized there’s something I could do to serve both niches. Starting immediately, I’m going to film (on a micro-budget, of course) and all-cat version of the Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. Even before you start thinking how insane I must be, check out this test shot of my cat, Cinders, in a make-up test for galactic gangster Jabba the Cat. As you can see, I’m not only completely serious, but this is gonna rawk. See you on the Dark Side, and check back here for more updates!