Two Score, Four Decades, or XL in Roman Times

Is this it? My official license to have a midlife crisis? I don’t FEEL tardy…!

What no one tells you when you’re 10 or 20 is that, as you get older, your brain still thinks it can do things your body is telling you not to. Fortunately, as a creative man-child Libra, I’ve never really listened to the whole “act your age” bit. With all the preservatives the media tells me I’ve consumed over the years, shouldn’t I expect to live forever?

I don’t worry that some of the music and media I enjoy is made by talented people half my age, kids young enough to have possibly been, in a parallel world, my own adult children. I will say that, with the current state of technology where it is, it’s a wonderful time to be creative and be seen creatively. At the same time, I also grieve that there are entire generations being left behind and even stricken lonely because they either refuse to accept or cannot embrace modern communication, whether it be cell phones, texting, or the Internet. Never before on this planet in recorded history has such a wealth of information, opinion, and ideas been readily available, and I’m happy to be employed in a sector which keeps me informed and on top of much of the latest innovation that’s moving it all forward.

Yes, I’m older, but I don’t see myself as old; that’s for younger people to do. It’s easy to look back and think, “If I knew when I was 20 what I know now… wow.” Unfortunately, you have to really live through it to get the benefit of that experience. Those up-and-comers won’t understand this until they’re my age (if they ever realize it all), and that’s something I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world.

And to everyone on the road up ahead of me, looking back and laughing now that I’m at the top of the hill, why didn’t any of you tell me there’s ANOTHER hill up ahead?! I hate you all… happy 40th birthday to me!

Orignal From: Two Score, Four Decades, or XL in Roman Times

3 thoughts on “Two Score, Four Decades, or XL in Roman Times

  1. Ohhh I see. You can fly out to the west coast to visit a friend but you cannot drive 5 hours to come see me!

    Hope you have fun out there bro.

  2. Right now, the plane I’m flying in is in better condition (I hope) than the car I’m driving. Besides, it’s been over 10 years since I’ve been out to see Ed… you’ve still got a while to wait. 😉

  3. It’s been sixteen years since we’ve thrown dice. How about a trip to Minneapolis?

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