October 1st is Here… Ready for Halloween?

If you think Christmas stuff gets started early, you probably missed the fact that Garden Ridge had their Halloween super-center up in their stores on August 1st… that’s right, two months ago. Since then, Walmart, Target, and seasonal chain stores (like the Spencer Gifts-owned Spirit Halloween franchise) have put their new merchandise out. If you’re looking for stuff that’s less painted Styrofoam and more upscale, try your chain hobby stores.

One thing I must say for all this stuff is that it’s going away from stupid-looking Hillary Clinton masks and back to scary things like quivering corpses and headless brides. Yes, Halloween is swinging back toward the scary side and not just dressing up like your favorite football star (which those guys do every Sunday anyway). Plus, there’s the scary theme park night likes Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights.

I love October… don’t you?

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