McHalf-the-Cheese, Please?

I grew up on fast food. I can’t eat it like I once did (or even want to), but there are certain tastes that I remember enjoying, like a Bic Mac or the “crumbs” at Long John Silver’s. In fact, I’m still patiently waiting for Taco Bell’s “Baja Blast” to make it onto store shelves so I don’t feel compelled to buy a Meximelt when I’m craving a drink. I also remember eating at places that no one believes ever existed. Anyone remember Borden Burger? Burger Chef (and Jeff)? Frankenburger?

Speaking of McRestaurants, I still reluctantly have an appetite for the occasional $1 Double Cheeseburger, which makes a nice, hot, quick snack lunch when a turkey sandwich leaves you cold. Up until now, it was part of the over-publicized “Dollar Value Menu,” but now there’s a NEW $1 sandwich: the $1McDouble, which is exactly like the Double Cheeseburger but with one less slice of cheese.

Now, you CAN still get a sandwich with both patties and two slice of cheese, but now it’ll cost you $1.19 and isn’t actually on the “Dollar Menu” anymore. That’s still a deal if you consider a regular Cheeseburger is 96 cents (Wow… a whole extra burger patty for 6 cents!) but it really doesn’t taste the same. Of course, you could always do what I do for those 2 for $2 breakfast sausage & egg biscuit sandwich deals at McD’s… bring your own slices of cheese to avoid being charged full price for a special order!

Well, why does McDonald’s put cheese on English muffins but not on their biscuit sandwiches, anyway? Isn’t it bad enough I can have a free coffee I don’t want with my breakfast or get charged an arm and leg for an orange juice? Plus, I live in Florida! Shouldn’t there be a tree out in front of the restaurant I can tap?

Uh oh… I think the souvenir cold I brought back from Thanksgiving vacation is affecting my brain. I could go for some Count Chocula, though… it turns milk chocolaty!

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