The Ocrackberry: Fit for a President?

Forget what you’ve heard. The first executive order issued by Barack Obama was not to close GITMO or launch a new stimulus package. It was when he extended his hand out of reach of the shorter secret service agents, clutching his Blackberry as he cried, “From my cold, dead hand!”

It has now been reported that the new US president has won this little battle to keep his technology, along with a few restrictions towards its use and a few upgrades. Of course, what everyone else who owns one should be asking is, “Why can’t WE have a Blackberry fit for a president?”

If there are so many risks to the commander-in-chief having this device, what an opportunity for its makers to build one that’s virtually uncrackable! Crazy point-to-point encryption, true online stealth from triangulation location, and hells, make it bulletproof. If the leader of the free world can’t demand a cool and secure smart phone, what chance do mere mortal geeks have? And if they do make a phone fit for a president, can we have one, too?

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