Prone to Being Haunted? Don’t Ignore It

There was a film back 1981 called The Entity, reportedly based upon a true story. It starred Barbara Hershey as a woman being haunted, stalked, and periodically raped by an invisible entity or spirit. Whatever this thing was, it was obsessed with the person, not a location or object.

I was reminded of this on last week. Listeners heard the story of a woman and her family who are either being followed by a spirit or manage to keep finding them where ever they go. Speculation is that there is either an object or person this haunt is bound to or that one or more members of the family are drawn to haunted places.

What was striking about the interview is that the woman sounded genuine and down-to-earth throughout the interview, a mere mortal dealing with a supernatural situation. The practicality in her voice belied the seriousness and potential danger of the situation. Not being an investigator or particularly religious herself, she was dealing with the haunting as any rational person would: asking for help from anyone she thought could provide it.

In contrast, by this time in a movie or television show, someone would have discovered what the spirit wants, how to appease it, or what might drive it away. But for these real-life people, being haunted is a fact of life, and not in a friendly “Ghost Dennis” kind of way. Of course, my thoughts on the subject is, a spirit able to manifest itself to people who keep ignoring it is only going to make it mad… wouldn’t YOU be?

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