Please Don’t Feed the Escapees

I’ve mentioned before around here that my day job is conveniently location across from a rather large hospital. In fact, as soon as they finished the branch that doubled its size, they started building another branch on the other side that’s just as big. I’ve been at universities that were smaller.

Anyway, not once but TWICE now, employees have either been approached by or chased down by mental ward escapees from the hospital who either were trying to hitch a ride or enter our building, prompting our management to recommend a buddy system with regard to leaving the business late at night.

I suggested a more reasonable approach. On the path by the lake that links the two facilities, we should put up a sign that says “Institutional Psych Ward & Electroshock Therapy Building.” That should send the escapees (read: mentally-challenged individuals who might do harm to themselves and others) running across the interstate for freedom, right?

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