Three Shots, All Direct Hits to the Head

This just in…

Arlington, Va. — Captain Richard Phillips is now safe and healthy aboard the USS Boxer after Navy Seals launched a rescue attempt that ended when snipers killed three pirates in three shots, all direct hits to the head. Source.

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t feel a thing.

2 thoughts on “Three Shots, All Direct Hits to the Head

  1. More great news: Spike TV has greenlit a series showing the US Navy hunting down pirates! “Pirate Hunters: USN.”

    That’s right… not only are we destroying your so-called “way of life,” but we’re going to turn it into a source of our own entertainment just to add insult to injury.

    College drinking game suggestion: 1 shot of rum every time a pirate takes a bullet (THAT’S why the rum’s always gone, Jack).

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