Feeling Blue (the Site, Not Me)

After an unfortunate issue with my “new” host who really doesn’t give crap (seriously, who schedules all support calls over 24 hours AND does single backups within the same time frame?!), I decided to put my money where my mouth is for my personal blog. Working in the industry, I know this happens all the time: hosts buying up other hosts and all the websites hosted therein. The best you can hope for is that your host is the owner (giving you priority) and not the one that got bought it (who are all too happy to charge you for an “upgrade” to their “prefered” account).

In other words, “Hello WordPress.com!”

Yeah, there’s a few limiting factors, but I get all the latest upgrades and all I have to do is post (for the most part). This little evolution also prepped me for a few other things I’ve got cooking, so if you’ve been wonder why the hell I stopped updating almost four weeks ago, wonder no more.