The Twitter Post (Updated)

If you’re actually still reading this after the title, you probably must think that, unless you know me already and fairly well, I’m about to tell you I’ve joined the ranks of Twitter. You would be wrong, however, because I’ve already BEEN on Twitter for some time, just not as “me.”

But I do follow quite a few people via that same identity, and although plenty of people make fun of the pointless banter which is the hallmark of any Internet communication that goes mainstream (95% of all email being spam, anyone?), the people I “follow” meet a certain criteria. If they break my rules, I switch ’em off, and feigning ignorance is not an excuse.

The Rules (thus far):

  1. Relevant thoughts and/or information only, please.
  2. Keep checklists of bodily functions (eating, sleeping, walking, purging) to yourself.
  3. I don’t care what you’re selling. Continue to spam my email as usual.
  4. I don’t need to see everything you TwitPic, especially when it’s another punchline to a “clever” tweet.
  5. If you think of anything else I may have missed, refer to Rule #1.

And to answer the question, “Why Twitter?” With an aggregator or service like Twitteriffic, I can quickly check in on a relative tweeting their way across the states to a new job, find out why a director had to move his shoot to another location, or hear about someone else’s experience with a new movie, DVD, or game. Creative minds (“scruffy,” for those in the know) need outlets for sharing (even if no one’s listening), and these are thoughts in real time. 140 characters of unique but limited expression, but “OMG, Tacos!” is probably not the penultimate use for it.

For every reason NOT to Twitter, check out this video:

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2 thoughts on “The Twitter Post (Updated)

  1. No checklists of bodily functions, huh? *casually points below* 😉

    Okay, fine, I MAY check out Twitter. But I see it as 97% useless drivel, and I have little patience for that.

    OMG! Tacos! Heh heh heh….

  2. I set up twitter about a year ago – used it for about 2 weeks and felt like I was being sucked in and had no time for “real” internet stuff….like reading your blog…:) Plus it seemed like it was turning into everyone’s way to share their favorite websites.

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