FCC: “Igor, Throw the Switch!”

It’s Friday, June 12, 2009. A date that will live in infamy as “The Day Analogue Television Died.”

Of course, you won’t notice if you have cable, satellite, or any service pumping programs into your box, even if it’s an old television. You will notice, however, if you’re counting on that old set of rabbit ears or crusty antenna on the roof and haven’t bought a government-subsidized digital convertor box.

Ah, glorious sub-900MHz band! We hardly knew you!

Now go, and bring us fast, cheap Wi-Fi that all North Americans may Twitter!

One thought on “FCC: “Igor, Throw the Switch!”

  1. Does it qualify as irony or just bad programming that the more channels you have access to, the less there is to watch?

    We have “movies on demand”, why not TV show programming on demand? When I want to watch Forensic Files, for instance, I should be able to look that up and pick amongst the episodes I want to view from a list of those available. (Isn’t that what Hulu is doing? Or however they are spelling that…). I still think cable should have that ability, though. I don’t want to watch TV on my computer, I want it on the TV. The computer has another intended function, after all. *sigh*

    I guess I’m just not an all-in-one kind of gal…. I want my phone to be a phone and my iPod to play tunes, too. I know, drag me kicking into the next century.

    But hey – I’m going to miss analog TV, in a nostalgia sort of way. And remember, folks: “Nostalgia is good stalgia.”


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