The Almost Dead

Have you heard about the “End of Life” consultations being talked about in the new health plan reforms being drawn up? I think I’m a little bitter today about the thought of how the elderly are treated in America at the age of “no longer useful to society.”

Walking around an elderly care home, hearing shouts or screams of protests, everything with a permeating smell of decay. The places I’ve been in don’t seem to be anything more than holding cells for the discarded, staffed by thankless and underpaid orderlies who try not to attach themselves to the almost dead.

Talk about a place for legitimately angry spirits to reside, hmm?

One thought on “The Almost Dead

  1. You’d think so, and I’m sure there may be some hospice facilities or nursing homes that might be haunted, just like there are some haunted cemeteries (rare, but it happens) yet people in these places rarely are surprised that they’ve died or are killed violently in their youth or prime, which are the main repeat reasons for a haunting. I’d expect a haunting in a facility where real abuse was/is happening, though.

    Of course, extreme emotions (grief, hatred, vengeance, even love and happiness) can allow a departed person to become a ghost.

    As far as care facilities go, hospitals are a better bet for ghosts, however, since they can run high to “surprise deaths”.

    And don’t get me started on prisons! 😉

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