Cooperative Storytelling – “Spelljammer: Birthstone”

Spelljammer: BirthstoneI’ve been fielding a weekly (or so) gathering as a side project for the last couple of months. Rather than a LAN party playing World of Warcraft, some local friends and myself decided to cobble together an old-school role-playing campaign using classic 2nd Ed. AD&D tabletop rules (and decidedly offline.) We’re using the “Spelljammer” rules set, a fantasy setting where wooden ships can magically sail through the sky between worlds. It is a universe of mysticism and alchemy where humans live alongside elves and other fantastic creatures.

At this point, we’ve generated enough material to show off a little, posting the info on a website at Here’s a taste:

Our story is about the last born of a doomed world setting out to find a new home. They carry a mystical vessel with them, the geode, that may be both the sentient will of their world’s deity and the physical remnants of all they knew. With an ancient prophecy as their only guide, the “Last Born” must choose theirs allies and enemies carefully if they hope to survive and succeed.

Stop by, check it out, leave a comment or two.