Is X102.9 a Planet Killer? By the Numbers…

You know those secret “Arbitron ratings” that you have to pay for to learn which radio station is actually more popular yet are vague enough that every station claims to be the best at something? You can thank for this dirt:

… in January, the release of Arbitron’s fall 2009 ratings vindicated the change. Planet Radio got back to nearly where it started 2009, rising from a 2.5 share to 4.1, but in the meantime, X102 rose from 5.6 in the summer to 5.8.

While it’s true that WPLA Planet Radio has certainly improved from the unchanging playlist you could set your clocks by, neither radio station can seem to go twenty minutes without playing a Red Hot Chili Peppers song. Note to program managers: WTF? Enough with the “Scar Tissue” and “Californication,” for pity’s sake!