Cue for a ChangeOver

Narrator: See, a movie doesn’t come all on one big reel. It comes on a few. So someone has to be there to switch the projectors at the exact moment that one reel ends and the next one begins. If you look for it, you can see these little dots come into the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
Tyler Durden: In the industry, we call them “cigarette burns.”
Narrator: That’s the cue for a changeover. He flips the projectors, the movie keeps right on going, and nobody in the audience has any idea.

That’s a quote from Fight Club, but I don’t think they were talking about midterm elections or anything political. The cue for a changeover, however, is definitely upon us, whether that’s the Republicans actually doing something positive after watching Democrats in total government control failing to agree on how to get things done or proving once and for all that neither party can stop thinking about their next election to address real issues.

Did you vote? Get going!