Has Mainstreaming Doomed Geekdom?

It’s a good question. I used to know a couple who only listened to music that no one else had heard of, and the moment that underground band became known and “sold out,” that band was immediately tossed aside for the next unheard and unsigned wannabes. Now that the future is here and sci-fi, comics, cosplay, gadgets, and being online are cool, is traditional geekdom doomed due to mainstreaming niche interests?

I, for one, love the fact that what used to be niche has now gone mainstream. It’s a vindication that what we always thought was secretly cool finally caught on. No one has to meet in anyone’s garage to discuss their usenet group or what cool accessory they got for their Amiga or Timex Sinclair. There’s so much culture out there now that the mainstream can pick and choose while the elitists create and mold the next would-be cool thing. Between the Internet explosion, social networks, and a generation of kids growing up with this as the norm, no one can predict how cool and geeky the next thing coming is (and blooming idiots that think this is all just a fad can curl up in a box with their dead picture tubes and need not apply.)

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