Narcissists Are Us!

In an article I was directed to recently online, it was postulated that flaws are what make us beautiful and that we should embrace them, viewing ourselves as “a work of art.” Agreed, but I think it’s a little more than just looks that are involved.

I don’t think it’s “beauty” we’re all focused on as much as attention in general; appearance is just the first thing most people notice. Everyone wants to be special (just like everyone else) and everyone assumes they are secretly compared to everyone else because, frankly, we do. There are very few of us who wouldn’t like to lose a pound or two, wish our complexion was different, think that something is too big or too small, or compare ourselves with someone we’d rather be like that we perceive as better.

I think the real secret is to simply accept who you are to create and maintain a positive self image. It’s bloody hard for others to accept you for who you and how you look when you can’t accept yourself. Wearing self-confidence always looks good, is always attractive, and is always in style.