New Cover: The Terminal People

Some of you already know the name of the second book in “The Spooky Chronicles” is called “The Terminal People.” The first chapter of that book is now also included at the end of the first book.

I’ve had more than a few people say, “I don’t like ebooks. Please kill a tree since it’s a renewable resource.” Done! is now the official print-on-demand supplier for The Spooky Chronicles and is available now. It’s $10.00 for the print version as opposed to $4.00 for the ebook, but it really looks nice. It’s available now at Lulu (click “Purchase” on the right side bar) and should appear on by the end of September (and officially on Kindle!)

I have also finished work on the cover for the second book. I previously previewed this on Facebook, but I’m putting it here as well. Enjoy! The second book will be out later this fall, hopefully before Spooky Empire the second week of October in Orlando, Florida.