Fake Rave Reviews for Hire: Is This What We’ve Come To?

For the Indie publisher, consumers want to be told that they are getting something good for what they paid for. Often, this is by word of mouth; someone they know has told them. Or, perhaps, it’s something that everyone wants because everyone else already seems to have it. How do you create that spark?

The fact is that few people who read ebooks want to review them, and fewer still give rave reviews, yet at the same time, this is exactly what readers (read: book buyers) are looking for. If you can’t find someone to read your book and give an honest and hopefully ecstatic opinion, could you bring yourself to buy one? It appears that such is the way of the internet, from fake Twitter followers to rave reviews, some estimates at one-third being false.

Wanna peek behind the black curtain? This isn’t pretty.

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