Matriarch Update: First Draft Complete!

Thanks to NaNoWriMo, one of the first ideas I ever had for becoming a writer is finally getting the attention it deserves. At over 50,000 words and climbing, the first draft is complete and getting its first edit. Hope to have it out and about before too long!


“On the outskirts of a college town in rural West Virginia, a young woman finds herself the target of two immortals hell-bent on bringing an end to their century-long blood feud.”

Back in my college days, I had an idea about a supernatural happening in the rural backwoods of West Virginia, specifically located in and around the college I went to school. A “suitcase college” is what they called it then, where no one stayed on weekends and the campus became a ghost town (it was literally forty miles in any of three directions to the nearest McD’s).

This is the kind of place that not everyone knows about (or wants to), where communication is limited and things can happen that don’t reach the public stage of awareness. Away from the wifi-connected bright lights and cell-towered big city, this is where modern monsters and the misunderstood might retreat to, a place where they could be left alone or, in those rare cases, operate uninhibited. It’s not backwards, just behind, where what most people accept as “today” has to be trucked in. It’s a wild, wonderful place to set something sinister in.