The Matriarch is DONE!

After finishing both copyediting and proofreading, my new novel, The Matriarch, is off to my publisher for final check and out of my hands. Whew!

There are still a few more things that have to happen before I can announce the actual and official publishing date (aka when you can get your mitts on this thing), and I can’t wait for you all to read it. This was one of the first ideas I ever had for a book, and seeing it finally come to fruition is a dream come true.

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Excerpts from The Matriarch:

  • He Said He Was the Devil
  • Clean and Professional
  • An Awakening In the Cellar
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    2 thoughts on “The Matriarch is DONE!

    1. Thank you! The final push made for a long weekend, but the result was worth it. It’s with the publisher now, but as soon as they sign off on it, I’ll know when the publication date is and when review copies will be available. Can’t wait to let the masses devour this!

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