Do you stop or drive on?

Traveling along a lonely West Virginia highway by yourself at night, something steps in front of your vehicle. The impact is jarring, but you manage to stop without further incident. You can make out the mangled body of whatever you just hit in the road ahead as you look out over the hood, but it’s hard to see from inside. Do you drive on and hope for the best, or do you dare get out, check to see what it was, and/or ensure the vehicle has no significant damage just in case? Why or why not?

There’s no grade here, just the rest of your life to live with your decision (however long or short that might be).

2 thoughts on “Do you stop or drive on?

  1. I’m a stopper. And a get-involved-where-you-don’t-have-toer. Comes from my early days as a bartender, and my subsequent days as a bar-hound. I’ve broken up too many bar fights and interfered with too many domestic disputes. For some reason I came out of that thinking I can handle people – even very angry, impaired, and threatening people. That said, I DO fear the single figure stumbling along the roadside late at night. (Zombie? Bigfoot?) So, I’d stop, I’d check, but I’d be armed and very, very cautious.


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