“Fly On the Wall” – The Matriarch Soundtrack (Music to Write By)

SkyTreeFangMoon10I use music – often an entire playlist – to create a mindset and mood when I construct a scene.

The opening chapter to The Matriarch was actually one of the last I wrote into the first draft. “Fly On the Wall” by Thousand Foot Krutch was what I was thinking of as I wrote about a solitary old man who took it upon himself to do the only thing he still could: exactly what he was told.

If I could just see it all, Just like a fly on the wall
Would I be able to accept what I can’t control?
And would I share what I saw? Or just sit back and ignore
Like nothing never happened, I haven’t seen you before?

To me, the song suggests a struggle between standing against something wrong or living with the regret of deciding to do nothing about it. How would you feel knowing something terrible happened because you didn’t act? And before anyone points it out, yes, that’s Spider-Man’s back story and not Batman’s, and no, you don’t get to become a superhero as a result.

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