The Matriarch – The Complete Playlist

I’ve been featuring a number of favorite tunes that puts me into the world I’ve created and that have helped to mentally shape that world; if it was a movie, what would the soundtrack be? Most of these I’ve featured – I’ve included the song, a corresponding scene, location or character in parenthesis, and the artist. The last song, “My Songs Know What You Did” by Fall Out Boy, immediately sounded like the combination of everything, the perfect roll-the-credits song – if The Matriarch were ever made into a movie.

Fly On the Wall (Ed’s Church) – Thousand Foot Krutch
Come Along (Weekend Plans) – Vicci Martinez & Cee Lo Green
Head Over Heels (Gramma’s House) – Digital Daggers
Sleep Alone 909S In Darktimes Mix (Late Again) – Bat for Lashes
Nightmare (Booty Call) – Avenged Sevenfold
Boom Boom Ba (The Sanctum) – Métisse
Save Yourself (Daniel’s Drive) – Stabbing Westward
Running Up That Hill (The Turning) – Placebo
Beyond the Stars (Running Away) – Evans Blue
Cry Little Sister (Louisa Revealed) – Seasons After
Through Glass (Empty House) – Stone Sour
Beauty of the Dark (Back to the Cemetery) – Mads Langer
We Radiate (Little Black Dress) – Goldfrapp
Temptation Waits (The Lounge) – Garbage
Love the Way You Hate Me (Ian’s Theme) – Against All Will
Open Letter (Louisa’s Theme) – The Amity Affliction
Wait For Sleep (Tower Window) – Dream Theater
Life Is Beautiful – Acoustic (The Funeral) – Sixx:A.M.
My Songs Know What You Did (End Credits) – Fall Out Boy