The Best of The Horror Society 2013 has been published!

BestOfTheHorrorSociety2013A central coast trip that leads to devastating consequences for wine collectors. An adjoining hotel room that isn’t what it seems. A long bus trip with a stopover in an eerie little town. You’ll visit these places and more in this volume. Or how about the old woman with the strange plant? Or the odd little boy selling lemonade? Perhaps the sideshow lady who just smells so good? You’ll meet them all at the turn of a page and they will remain with you long after the book is closed. The Best of the Horror Society 2013 is an anthology of the weird, the wonderful, and the downright wicked. Within you will discover not only the best of emerging horror writers but seasoned pros whose names you will no doubt recognize as well. So turn out the lights, pull up a chair beside the nearest roaring fireplace and enjoy the ride.

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Authored by Scott M. Goriscak, L.L. Soares, Rose Blackthorn, Mercdes M. Yardley, Nicholas Grabowsky, Lee Pletzers, William F. Nolan, Aaron Warwick Dries, Charles Colyott, Carson Buckingham, Jason V. Brock, Kevin A. Ranson, Lisamarie Lamb, Weldon Burge, Doug Lamoreux, Morte Castle, Dan Dillard, Joe McKinney, Julianne Snow, T.E. Grau and Henry Snider.


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