The Bloodlist (Fun With Photoshop)

KevinAsReddington-Edit3-300pxBrandedI’ve done professional renderings for various companies, but now I usually only do this kind of work for myself.

This is a cosplay I’m putting together for conventions, based loosely on James Spader’s excellent show “The Blacklist” on NBC. I mentioned to my wife that it’d be fun to get suited up and do a fake poster called “The Bloodlist” with the tagline “Never trust a horror writer,” so she dared me.

Done and done.

You: “I don’t think you’re telling me everything.”

Me: “I’m never telling you everything.”


One thought on “The Bloodlist (Fun With Photoshop)

  1. Good stuff! I also dress up like my author photo when I go to signings and appearances, I think it helps to create a memorable image for people to associate with your work.

    I’m also a fan of the Blacklist, so I love the reference!


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