Good Guests Behaving Badly: Con Guest Commandments

Convention HotelPopular Arts Conventions are great places for fans and artists to meet and interact over common interests: books, film, television, cosplay, web, or whatever. The fear, however, is that fans – abbreviated from the word “fanatics” – are the only source of irresponsibility and poor judgment. For those of us who at one time or another have stood on both sides of the convention table, there IS such a thing as a bad guest.

Fortunately, David Gerrold has nailed a comprehensive list of essential guidelines that guests new and old should probably abide by. With his kind permission, I have immortalized it not only for myself but for anyone in the industry.

The 15 Con Guest Commandments… (read more)

All of you know someone who might have benefited from such knowledge.

Don’t be that guest…ever. Or ever again.

Read and heed.