I Hope to Never Meet One of My Own Vampires

JanissReadingJanissSome of you may be aware of the Vampire Community, not just fans of the genre who embrace the lifestyle but those who believe themselves to be actual vampires. Psychic vampires absolutely exist, stealing your energy or lending it with their very presence, but I’m not talking about (to quote Ian from The Matriarch) “a mystically animated corpse that imitates the living so (it) can feed off of it.” Do they exist? I hope not – both for my sake and their own – because if they ever find out I created their world and inflicted them with their condition, I wholly expect them to be rather pissed off at me.

What I am saying is this: as a fiction writer, I do not believe what I create is real anywhere but on the page. These characters exist in my mind and that is what I share, and there are things I write about I wouldn’t wish on anyone…but, alas, such atrocities make for interesting storytelling.

I also don’t hate anyone calling themselves a vampire, but like an organized religion, there are a FEW who take it upon themselves to wage a personal crusade to say “yours isn’t real because *I* am real.” The Bard’s phrase “the lady doth protest too much” fully applies here with the same level of annoyance as believers knocking on your door Saturday morning to tell you “the good news” about our Lord and Savior (we all have our little illusions; far be it from me to take away yours).

Finally, we all wear masks, and the first step in any personal change is to act the part; it isn’t a far stretch of the imagination to think the human mind can convince itself of anything (Nic Cage’s “Vampire’s Kiss” comes to mind as an example) until the mask becomes the truth. All of this said, however, no vampire character I have ever created would log onto a social network expressly for the purpose of convincing the world that they’re real; it is far more likely they’ll deny everything and smile at the ones screaming in all caps across the internet.


7 thoughts on “I Hope to Never Meet One of My Own Vampires

  1. I loved this take on your blog. A fiction writer meeting what they create. I do believe there are things of a supernatural nature out there in the world. I think your vampires are devilishly creepy and should only live in your books. 😉


  2. Thank you! There have been stories and even movies where authors are forced to interact with their own creations – there’s one in production now with RL Stine (played by Jack Black) going through this – but I don’t think it’s ever been done with vampires specifically.

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  3. You’re very welcome, I love the paranormal and supernatural story lines. My imagination can run wild with who I could meet. That Jack Black character plot sounds fascinating. 😊


  4. I’ve sat on author panels with Mr. Stine, so I’m betting at some point during the movie – you heard it here FIRST – Jack Black will look into a scrying pool or magical mirror at himself and see Stine, then say something like “Man! At least I’m prettier than THAT dude!”

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