“Never Tell”


It’s okay. We understand. Please remain calm.

You’ve reached your destination but can’t seem to remember all the turns you took before you arrived. Perhaps you’ve misplaced your car in a familiar parking lot — just after nightfall. Have you ever forgotten why you came into a room?


Finding money in an old coat or purse always seems like a good thing, even without any recollection of putting it there. Maybe you’ve noticed a mysterious wound healing on your arm or shoulder — or perhaps found a spot of blood on your clothes. Have you?

There is a chance that — even if it’s only the smallest possibility — you have recently crossed paths with a VAMPIRE.

Hilarious, right? You’ve been assured there’s no such thing.

Even if there was, would it really matter to you? A creature that takes only that which is required out of desperation, leaving no unpleasant memory and perhaps granting some small boon in return. An extra twenty in your pocket for a moment’s confusion? Honestly, now — nothing has been stolen that you’ll miss or can’t get back in a day or two; mortals are blessed like that.

You should also keep such ideas to yourself. You never know who you might be talking to.

Perhaps the encounter was by chance, an immortal just passing through your neighborhood. Then again, maybe it’s someone you know, even a person who watches over you. It could even be someone new in your life…or an individual that you feel you’ve known forever.

Don’t try to guess who they are. Don’t watch to see if they slip up. Don’t confront them if you think you know.

If they feel threatened, you still won’t remember anything…or ever again.

Trust us. It’s better this way. Life will continue.

You want that, right?


. . .