Miracle Child

‘Lazarus’ Boy Returns to Life, Mother Dies Mysteriously

17th September by THOMAS GOURD, Waterview Mercy Hospital, River City


A desperate family. Spencer Alexander Lawson was only six years old when he was diagnosed with cancer, a malignant cardiac tumor. Pediatric specialists discovered an enlarged heart after detecting an arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat). Amanda Lawson, the boy’s mother, was convinced her son was going to die. To ensure his comfort, she selflessly quit her job to take care of him full-time.

Several attempts were made to remove the tumor before Spencer was placed on the heart transplant list, but on the evening of the young man’s seventh birthday, September 13th, the child suffered a coronary event and suddenly died. What happened next defies explanation and still has doctors scratching their heads.

When alarms summoned the shift nurse to Spencer’s room, the boy was out of bed and standing next to his mother, still connected to the equipment monitoring his life signs and showing no readings at all. Slumped over on the guest couch was Amanda, unresponsive. Attempts to revive the young woman failed. Officially, her death was ruled of natural causes.

Miracle child. Doctors originally suspected the child had disconnected himself from the monitoring equipment when he went to his mother. Technicians later produced documentation that the equipment was working fine and had been calibrated recently. Spencer seemed awake and alert, but specialists could not measure any detectable life sign.

It has been suggested that Spencer has a condition which makes his heartbeat virtually undetectable, but witnesses claim the boy registered neither any measurable brain activity nor appeared to draw breath unless he was about to speak when answering a question. While blood tests were summarily inconclusive, drawing any fluid at all, according to a confidential source, proved difficult or altogether impossible.

Top field specialists refuse to believe such a thing actually happened and claim it was either a hoax or a misdiagnosis. The boy’s father, David Lawson, took the boy home that evening and has reportedly been in contact with doctors concerning his son’s condition. Our confidential source also revealed that the boy has eaten nothing in the four days since leaving the hospital, yet he seems perfectly healthy and far more active than he was five days earlier.

Speculation among those who believe what happened have suggested everything from being resurrected by an angel to a mutation that allows the boy to survive in a symbiosis with his cancer. The truth, however, is that a little boy is alive after a traumatic ordeal but grieving due to the loss of his mother. Funeral arrangements are being made and our condolences go out to Mr. Lawson and his son for their loss.

THOMAS GOURD is a senior staff journalist at The River City Herald.

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