Keening from the Catacombs

For those paying attention, just a few quick notes between bits of prose.

The New Thing

I’m three chapters up on A Knife In the Dark, which is only (currently) available on If you haven’t guessed yet, it’s loosely based on myself, the classic-villain author look I created, and some other ideas I’ve been kicking around. It’s a narrative, a mystery, and an origin story, so tell me what you think!

Continuing Works

The Spooky Chronicles are being fast-tracked to move back to my author site — post by selective post — as there are far fewer installments that went into it as The Matriarch Vampires. There are two new Spooky stories I need to complete before I can create the seven-part novel that ties it all into one arc, so those will go up on Amazon as I get them finished with the full book sometime thereafter… including a few extras.

The fourth and final-planned novel for The Matriarch Vampires is also (still) in progress, and roadblocks toward its completion have been removed.

My habits back in front of my keyboard continue to improve, which I owe to keeping up with all the newest films and such over at Be sure to check what Grim D. is going on about from weekend to weekend showing in theaters.

Future Works

There are two more settings I’m working on, one of which will debut on One is a horror anthology setting with interconnected stories around a central location, while the other is a dark fantasy setting I’ve been kicking around for years that really wants out in the worst (read: best) way.

That’s all for now.

What is Keening from the Catacombs, you ask? That’s the lament of stories waiting to be told, things that have never existed yearning to take on a life of their own… haunting me until I do. It’s the only to make the wailing stop.

Until next time…

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