Hear me on Z-talk Radio this Friday, October 11, 2013 from 10-11p Eastern Time!

CryptKevin2012Crop500Hey all! I’ll be on Z-talk radio – http://ztalkradio.com/ – Friday, October 11, 2013 between 10-11pm Eastern, 9-10pm Central time. I’ll be talking about my short story called “Tendrils Never Lie” appearing in the October 15th release of “The Best of the Horror Society 2013,” my new Spooky Chronicles book called “Greene Square Middle,” and the suspicious circumstances surrounding the elderly residents trapped within Cedarcrest Sanctum in central West Virginia.

Horror host Grim D. Reaper – http://moviecrypt.com – may make a rare live and audible appearance! Stop by and listen or call in and say hi!

UPDATE! Here’s a link to the entire show; my segment is the third hour in!



Halloween Aftermath: 2010

Halloween Aftermath 2010

(presented without comment)

Don’t Move Trick or Treating for Halloween This Year

According to the WOKV Facebook page, “an idea being floated by Jacksonville City Councilman Don Redman” is moving the local trick or treating to Saturday in the Jacksonville, Florida area.

Whatever the reasons given, the biggest reason NOT to is pure confusion; half the kids wouldn’t get the message and may try to trick or treat on either night. The advantage of Halloween on Sunday this year is that adult parties and kid special events ARE on Saturday, freeing Halloween Sunday just for treating and home celebrations.

It’s no secret that I enjoy setting up a cool little graveyard with special effects and such, and I have time set aside on Sunday afternoon to set it up. I have no desire to do it twice, nor can I leave it set up over night for fear of idiots destroying or stealing parts of it. And, yes, I’ll have pictures up here very soon.

Thirty Days ‘Till Halloween

The ramp up to cool decorations and costumes has been slow this year, but now things are getting up and running. The last Spirit Halloween store is set to open today in Jacksonville, Florida (over a month after the all the ones in Houston were already open), while a costume-only Halloween Express opened on Southside last week. Spencer’s gifts is finally transitioning into Halloween mode, about a two weeks after Hot Topic started setting our creepier-than-usual clothing.

I haven’t seen or found any particular cool new thing or must-have decoration this year, but for those of you into fog machines and special effects, Target’s brand of foggers, low lying fog machines, and bubble fog machines are 25%-40% cheaper than everyone else, including $10 remote timer controllers (and many include a bottle of fog liquid or whatever they need to work.)

If you find something new, cool, and Halloween spooky, lemme know!

Sixty Days to Halloween

Normally, I post something like this on August 1st, but support on this has been down this year (I’m talking to YOU, retailers.) With the so-called summer blockbuster season of films spent and kiddies back in school, it’s time to get spooky.

As hobby stores go, Garden Ridge used to be first out of the gate with new decorations and such, but due to being restructured in bankruptcy, it’s hard to roll out new stuff with only a quarter of the staff remaining. Your local Hobby Lobby and other craft stores should be caught up by now while Walmart and Target will start setting up as those local Spirit Halloween shops start to appear.

I haven’t seen anything new or must have for the $100 and below set this year. And (credit goes to Brett for this observation) why does EVERY fake tombstone have to say “R.I.P” on it? Halloween is on a Sunday this year, and a weekend day is always nice for setup. I’ve got four flame projectors to play with this year (acquired during the after holiday sales last year), so I intend to light the entire yard on fire!

What are you playing to do to get a few screams this year?