Thirty Days ‘Till Halloween

The ramp up to cool decorations and costumes has been slow this year, but now things are getting up and running. The last Spirit Halloween store is set to open today in Jacksonville, Florida (over a month after the all the ones in Houston were already open), while a costume-only Halloween Express opened on Southside last week. Spencer’s gifts is finally transitioning into Halloween mode, about a two weeks after Hot Topic started setting our creepier-than-usual clothing.

I haven’t seen or found any particular cool new thing or must-have decoration this year, but for those of you into fog machines and special effects, Target’s brand of foggers, low lying fog machines, and bubble fog machines are 25%-40% cheaper than everyone else, including $10 remote timer controllers (and many include a bottle of fog liquid or whatever they need to work.)

If you find something new, cool, and Halloween spooky, lemme know!