Pre-release Pricing for The Matriarch: Changeling on Kindle

Discount pre-sale on Kindle has begun for the book release this Friday June 10, 2105; get ’em while they’re hot and spread the word! Thank you for your patronage of Cedarcrest Sanctum.



Janiss Has a Holiday Message for Cedarcrest Sanctum

CedarcrestHeader2015smallFor the very first time, the executive administrator of Cedarcrest Sanctum, Janiss Connelly, takes the reigns of the annual holiday address from Timothy Harker to wish a happy holidays to all – and why she’ll never turn anyone into a vampire.

Let’s just say this isn’t your usual Christmas message; read it HERE.

And Happy New Year!

The Matriarch III: First Draft Begins November 1st #amwriting

The Matriarch III (working title)


Wary of a future misunderstanding, Janiss Connelly pays a surprise visit to an immortal residing in the state capital of West Virginia. The Charleston vampire isn’t amused, a slight that puts the residents and staff of Cedarcrest Sanctum at risk when their administrator abruptly goes missing.

Forced to endure a nightmare scenario, Janiss must embrace the potential she has both envied and feared in order to survive – even as a hidden foe takes advantage of the perfect opportunity.

The tetralogy continues…

The Matriarch: Guardians

She is NOT the last…

The Matriarch novel officially has a sequel in final editing.

The Matriarch: Guardians

Supernatural horror thriller, mature content.
Coming soon – in final editing now.


GuardiansRightfaceebookcover2014She is NOT the last.

“I’m going to find as many of them as I can, the makers and their progeny.” When a woman in white is encountered along a lonely highway in Jackson County, West Virginia, an unusual number of vampires are discovered.

Once their mysterious maker is found out, Janiss Connelly will have until sunrise to stop the killer – but only if the remnants of her previous life fail to destroy her first.

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What is the Secret of Cedarcrest Sanctum?

TlalocIconThings that go on like this shouldn’t be ignored.

Cedarcrest Sanctum bills itself as “a modern rest home nestled in the mountains of central West Virginia.”

The residents who are accepted have no family, no money, and nowhere else to go. In spite of these facts, the administrator of the facility still takes them in. If accepted into “the program,” they are removed from the public eye and are no longer permitted outside visitors.

To date, no one in “the program” has ever left Cedarcrest Sanctum and no deaths have been reported – not a single one in over ten years. No one seems to know what happens to the elderly who reside there and no one seems to care.

My attempts to contact anyone on the inside of their gated, secure facility have all failed. Their website,, claims that the phones are unlisted (for privacy reasons) and that emails go unanswered because they “cannot reply to every correspondent.”

There was a recent story concerning a college student named Janiss Connelly who used to volunteer there before “suddenly” being offered a job. Immediately thereafter, she withdrew from college only a semester before her graduation and became unreachable by phone or email. Like the residents, no one has reported seeing or talking to her since.

If you know anything about what is going on at this facility, DO NOT keep it to yourself.

Someone has to stop this.