My Pledge of Support

I came home Saturday afternoon from the store to find a doorknob hanger informing me that I, too, could “Vote Early for (Candidate)!” Presumptuous, yes, but not as much as the bit on the bottom that said, “Text ‘Pledge’ to XXXXX for Your Support of (Candidate).”


I would like to take this time to apologize to every political campaign soliciting my “pledge of support.” I currently only have one pledge in place, allegiance to the flag of the United States of America (and to the republic for which is stands; one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.) I’ve repeated this at least three times in front of a commanding officer, twice in uniform.

So, ever notice how the Pledge of Allegiance doesn’t say “with freebies and handouts for all?” Discuss.

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One thought on “My Pledge of Support

  1. I am blissfully happy to find you mentioning the fact that “Thou Shalt Not Kill” was a typo. I am not just a supporter of the death penalty, I’m a fan, and for those idiots who think it breaks a commandment, they should read a book now and then. The Old Testament is rife with God ordering people to kill, often right down to the chickens (I’m not clear on what the chickens ever did to deserve it, but hey – it’s not my bit to question, right? LOL). Murder is the crime. Just had to jump in and do a jig over having found someone else pointing this out.

    Having said that, I’ll indulge myself further and explain one of my “dream jobs”. I wish I could have been the person whose job it was to stuff cotton up Ted Bundy before his ride in Old Sparky. Back in the day, they did that (the cotton) and it was stuffed in with something similar to a stick, I believe. Oh, yeah – that would have been fun. People always say, “You remember the killer’s name, not the victims’.” Well, I do know several victims’ names in the cases of serial murder I’ve studied, and I think if you are going to study the subject, for any reason, you should learn and remember some of the victims’ names as a social/personal duty.

    Someone once took one look at my library (rife with true crime nasties and hefty tomes on WW2 dominating the horror/sci-fi/fantasy collection) and wondered aloud why I “like these sick people”. I don’t “like” them, I study them. Why? For book research, mostly, and a fascination with understanding why some folks turn evil and others don’t. If that smells like the answer a psychology student would give, okay, I admit to being a fan of that, too, if not an official student of it. I’m not sure if my answer reassured my friend or not – but that’s okay. I don’t apologize for the scythe hanging from the ceiling over my computer desk, either, or the resin skull sitting on the desk that possesses its own four feet to support it. 😉 Besides, being “weird” is a hell of a lot better than the dire fate of being “normal”.


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