Anatomy of a Skull-Infested Cubicle

The debt-free web company I work for (ye ol’ “day job”) moved into a brandy-new stats-of-the-art building earlier this year. While the elder managers on the top floor were initially hesitant to give us free-reign decorating privileges, the Halloween season provided the opportunity for a pod/cubicle decorating binge. I went with a skull theme (go figure):

Cubicle Decor for October 2008

The rotted skull under the red-bulb skull lamp on the left spews a roiling mist all over that end of the desk. Then the tombstones all have skulls, followed by (from left to right) the bobblehead skeleton on top of the phone, then the Reaper clock, the 10-skull fountain, the talking candy-dispenser skull, the voice-changing talking skull, and finally a string of 10 skulls that blink to the “Halloween” theme.

Little does management know I have no intention to take this down after Friday… tee hee!

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